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Welcome To RE: -- in Phoenix, Arizona

The Internet ~~ In ONE Second ! These numbers are huge and getting much larger every year !

While surfing the Internet recently, Rinehart Enterprises, or "RE:" for short, came across this interesting tidbit.

A person asked the following question -- How much does it cost to design a "fill in the blank" ?  Answer.  How long is a piece of string ?

AND continuing to answer a question with a question, RE: would also ask -- what color do you want the string, how thick does it need to be, what is the purpose of the string, how much use does the string get, will it be supporting weight, etc. ?

As you can clearly tell, answering a cost question about designing anything, isn't necessarily easy or simple -- nor should it really be.  There can be a lot of issues to be considered.  And when designing items to enhance your business, well, the levels of complexity can grow exponentially.

Here is a short video that illustrates some potential problems with the overall design process -- Web Designer vs. Cheap Client !  Very funny from both sides of the coin we think.

Rinehart Enterprises are Business Presence Consultants, Website Designers, Content Managers, Graphic Designers & Copywriters.
All of us here at RE:, are in the business to help you with your Company's overall presence, perception, performance and ultimately -- it's success.  We sincerely hope that you would contact us so we may assist you with any of these many complexities.
RE: thanks you for your consideration !

Designing Complete Presence For Business !

Whether large or small, all businesses, as well as people, need to establish their presence in front of the entities they wish to ultimately serve or develop a beneficial association with.  Businesses need to market themselves into their target communities, becoming hopefully, known and trusted, towards the goals of thriving and continuing growth, flourishing financially and defining, and then re-defining their overall concepts of successful business practice.

In large business terms, it is called, "corporate image".  But surely, any one person's perception of a business is potentially of critical importance to it's bottom line.  We all have heard it said that "You only get one chance, at a first impression".  Handshake PhotoA well established, proper business presence is any company's "handshake" with their marketplace.  Is your handshake welcoming, firm and reassuring ?  Your business presence is one of your faces towards the world.

Your entities presence can come in many forms and from various avenues.  Let's list some possibilities ...

Logos     Websites     Business Cards     Signage     Letterhead     Stationary     Forms     Invoices     Favicons     Advertising     Banners     Brochures     Flyers     Emails     Memos     Notes     Slogans     Certificates     Awards     Campaigns     Philanthropy     Marketing Materials     Videos     Commercials

This is just naming basics that are utilized by most successful companies the world over.  The questions any company must ask itself are ...

How is your "handshake" feeling to your marketplace presently ?

Are you taking necessary steps to establish your face in your community ?

Additionally, there are the constantly emerging and evolving technologies !  How does your business look on a smart phone ?  On an iPad ?  Or in a Google search ?  With every passing day the Earth becomes smaller as companies extend their global reach by utilizing new technologies.

Is your handshake feeling kind of -- shaky ?

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Your Corporate Image

If you are just beginning to establish your business face, or if you are wanting to redefine your presence, RE: is here to possibly help you.  Please contact us with any ideas or requirements where you would like us to offer our assistance, toward the achievement of your overall business success.

There is a wealth of free information all over this RE: website.  Everyone likes free information.  Please read onward.

We have endeavored to define our services and describe our methods in as basic and simple terms as possible.  Many of our offerings are of great concern or are even downright scary to some folks, and they don't have to be that way.  Expertise, well defined, totally understood, well channeled and successfully implemented, can provide our clients and RE: with many great benefits.

We hope that you can find all that you have been searching for.  We thank you for visiting us here at the RE: website and we thank you for your further consideration and possible business.