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Website Template Systems

A Web template system describes the software and methodologies used to produce web pages and for deployment on websites and delivery over the Internet.

Such systems process web templates, using a template engine. It is a web publishing tool present in content management systems, software frameworks, HTML editors, and many other contexts.

A web template is a tool used to separate content from presentation in web design, and for mass-production of web documents. It is a basic component of a web template system.

Web templates can be used to set up any type of website. In its simplest sense, a web template operates similarly to a form letter for use in setting up a website.    -- Wikipedia

JoomlaShine's Website Template Layout ImageWeb Templates

A web template can be an extremely powerful type of an extension that is incorporated into the WCMS.  Web templates provide the basic looks of the entire website and offers the framework to organize it's contents easily.

But web templates can provide more than just website attractiveness.  Well designed, comprehensive web templates provide custom error pages, can be adjusted or customized easily and are designed to look good on most available browsers, even on older versions of them.

Also, in this mobile age, templates can be designed to be responsive and look good on different devices, from cell phones to tablets.

There are hundreds of existing Joomla! compatible templates in existence, some free, some not.  Some of the better free templates we have highlighted in a following menu section.


After searching many templates, RE: has been utilizing a Joomlashine template, JSN Tendo PRO Unlimited, as the Web Template System for this RE: website, and are extremely happy with it's versatility and comprehensiveness.  In addition, Joomlashine's template documentation is extensive and downloadable in PDF form, an invaluable addition for it's usefulness.  RE: also has an affiliation agreement with Joomlashine.

As of this writing, RE: has used the JSN Epic and JSN Tendo website templates from Joomlashine.  They each have an upfront, one time, lifetime upgradable cost of $ 59.00 which we feel is very valuable given their many features.

As an example, below are the comprehensive features of the JSN Tendo PRO Unlimited web template, copied directly from Joomlashine's website.  These features can be used for a comparison of what someone should look for in choosing a good website template.

Hot Features

Setting Icon 50+ template parameters (demo)
You can configure template the way you like without special technical knowledge.

Color Icon 6 color variations (demo)
Choose what suits your brand from orange, red, cyan, green, yellow, and pink.

Note Icon 3 font styles (demo)
Carefully chosen font combinations for particular website type.

Color Palette Icon 36 module positions (demo)
Present your content in multiple layout easy like a pan-cake.

Display Icon 5 menu styles (demo)
Main, Tree, Div, Icon and Side Menu will display your complex navigation – without doubt.

Mail Box Icon 88 module styles (demo)
Combination of background and header icon gives you incredible module styling.

Edit Icon Superb typography (demo)
Give styling for everything: headings, text paragraph, list, tables and more.

Onine Icon Search Engine Optimized (demo)
Meaning source ordering 2-1-3, table-less structure and semantic heading tags.

Profile Icon Outstanding Documentation (demo)
Comprehensive text and video materials for product configuration and customization.

Pin Icon Overrides for ALL default extensions
Semantic and table-less HTML code for ALL default Joomla! extensions.

And More ...
  • Native Joomla! 2.5 / 3.0 compatible
  • Totally XHTML/CSS validated layout code
  • Lightweight optimized template graphics
  • Really well documented code
  • Compatible with major browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, IE 7+, Opera 9+, Safari 4+ and Chrome

Joomlashine's website says it all and you can be redirected to them at www.joomlashine.com.


As stated above, there are zillions of web templates in existence, some very good, some bad, some free and some with nominal cost.  RE: feels that the days of developing original website templates is ended, as that wheel has already been invented.  We would much rather take an existing full-featured and comprehensive template and dig into it, tweaking, stretching or remodeling it to suit the requirements of our clients.  We feel this approach is much easier and will save our clients money.

RE: would much rather have our clients send $ 59 to Joomlashine, than send us several hundred dollars to develop an original template just for them.  Really.  We would !  You can't believe that ?  Do you need us to repeat it ?  It is true.  Yes.  REALLY !

But, RE: would be happy to work with any Joomla! compatible web template that you have found.  We always enjoy learning new information.  There are bunches of templates to choose from, just google "Joomla! templates".  Take your pick.

And templates can be mixed together with part of your website using one template and other parts using others.  There are not limits to how many templates that you can use in any one website.

We would also like to direct your attention to our affiliate banners on the right.  You can access these template companies for further ideas.  If you buy their products, they will send us a percentage for refering you to them.

Below we have provided link to a listing of some Free Joomla! 2.5 & 3.0 templates that you may find to your liking.  Have fun.

      Step Six -- Website Content
      Free Joomla! Templates

As always, RE: can help in your search for a web template that would suit your companies needs.  Please contact us with any issues that you may have.


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