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Black Friday = Website Deals

Do you want a deal for a cheap simple website ?

Currently, our website has fixed costs of just $ 37.87 per year !  And you may actually be able to find a better deal.

How is this possible ?  Buy on Black Friday !

From the comfort of your easy chair, with your laptop, while eating left over turkey -- you can begin the simple website that you have always wanted, inexpensively.


Every website has 3 requirements.

1. A Domain Name
2. Web Hosting
3. Contents

We are going to cover the first two here, and how to get these services for as little cost as possible.

Domain Names

If you don't know what a domain name is, redirect here for more information, What's In A ( Domain ) Name ?

Here is where you can begin with an inexpensive domain name. Head over to and start one for a first year cost of 99 cents.

From this link, you may do this on any day of the year, not just on Black Friday.

Take Notice.  Register is going to want you get other services from them, like signing up for email accounts, SSL certificates, etc., but all you want is the domain name for $ 0.99 for one year.  Don't add anything else to your cart and un-check any extras that they try to add on.

Web Hosting

If you don't know what web hosting is, redirect here for more information, Find A Great ( Web ) Host !

Most reputable Web Hosting Services companies will be offering some sort of Black Friday Deal, you just need to go find the one that fits your needs, on that day.

Following are links to some of the largest and best Web Hosts for you to begin your search. We have affiliations with all of these companies as we think they are the best that you can do business with ....

Bluehost |--| GoDaddy |--| HostGator |--| Inmotion |--| Network Solutions |--| Register |--| SiteGround

Any deal offered under $ 3.00 per month is very good and one should contract for as long a term as possible. It is unlikely that you will ever find a better deal once this term is completed.

Package Deals

Some of these Web Hosts will offer Domain Names for free or discounted costs, if you contract with them for both services !  You just have search and see what is offered at that time.

About An Hour And Under $ 40

In an hours time, you should be able to find yourself a great deal and begin the website that you have always wanted, for under $ 40 per year in fixed costs.

If you have any problems just give us a shout.  RE: will be searching also, curious about our marketplace and keeping up to date on the latest and greatest.

Good Luck !

We hope this blog has helped you !


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