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You were maybe expecting Rest & Relaxation ?  Well, hopefully, RE:'s R & R will provide you with some !

In this area of the RE: website, we will endeavor to provide reviews, recommendations and commentary on products or items that we either like, or don't -- OR -- we feel that there is a need for us to provide some insight to folks.

We are "old school".  Working with computers since 1979 ( pre-PC's, yes, we've used a keypunch machine ), and now being in the Internet world, we have seen a lot of things and gathered many opinons that we would love to share.

It is our goal to provide our honest opinions and let the chips fall where they may.  Real old school !


Green buttons are good.  Yellow buttons display caution.  Red buttons mean " run blindly in the other direction " !  White buttons are undecided.


      We're keeping Windows XP for as long as we need to.  We aren't buying into the End Of Life, doom and gloom !
      We are learning Linux and hopefully switching to the Fedora 20 operating system, ASAP !


      RE: HostGator !


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