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RE: ♥ HostGator.  Let us count the ways !

This RE: website is hosted on HostGator.  We the way they do business soo much, that RE: has an affiliation agreement with them and we push every client that we possibly can, to use HostGator.  If you get a basic hosting package with them because of us, they'll send us a $ 50 referral fee.

But we don't recommend them because of a measly 50 bucks !  Our reputation is worth much more than that.

There are a lot of very good web hosting companies available.  We have affiliations with several.  BUT, we are only going to write one, thumbs up, web hosting review, and that goes to HostGator.  RE: feels that HostGator is the best of the best ~~ and we are going to tell you why we believe that way ....

1.    Cost

The bottom line.  HostGator has consistently offered the lowest prices for shared web hosting, as compared to their major competitors, for as long as we have been paying attention to web hosts.  A decent amount of our business time, relates to web hosts, and we are paying attention to them.  HostGator's basic shared hosting plan, Hatchling, is $ 3.96 per month for a 36 month term, payable up front.  That is an excellent value and includes all of the features that most of the worlds websites would ever need.  And one can upgrade into a different plan should your website needs demand it.  Hatchling is an excellent choice as a starting point.

Also, HostGator offers periodic specials, usually around major holidays and tax day.  Hit them on the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend for 50 % Off, and sometimes even 75 % Off.  Or, check out our anytime offer ( thanks for the 50 bucks ) by clicking on the banner below ....

2.    Customer Service

The main reason that we HostGator.  24/7/365 technical support and information, from several different directions.  HostGator's customer service has always been awesome with us and has never failed to answer our questions as best as they could.  You can call the toll free number, start a live chat, log a support ticket, search and read their forum, help topics and blog, subscribe to their newsletters, watch a video tutorial.  HostGator is even providing answers to questions that are frankly outside of their normal business functions.  There is a wealth of free information on their website.  That is the way to run a good business !

3.    cPanel

HostGator uses cPanel.  cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site.  It provides capabilities for administrators and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser.  Here's what cPanel provides ....

  1. Backups.  24/7/365, anytime, compressed backups of your entire server file system and / or just your website files or database.  We can't possibly stress enough, how important this is !  HUGE.
  2. File Management.  Full access.  Manage each and every file on your server.  One can do some serious damage with this.
  3. Email Accounts Management & Forwarding.  Everything for your website's email accounts.
  4. An absolute plethora of other useful items.  Stats, SEO tools, Logs, Security features, dB access, other software, etc.

cPanel is the bomb !

4.    45 Day Money Back Guarantee

A lot of web hosts offer 30 day guarantees, and some don't offer any.

5.    99.9% Uptime Guarantee

If your website isn't up and available, it isn't worth much.  Most all web hosts claim this same 99.9 % number.  But what is the reality ?

In the past, we used a free monitoring service, now no longer offered, by Pingdom.  In 2013, all of Pingdom's customers had an average website uptime of 97.393 % !!!  This RE: website had an uptime of 99.779 % with HostGator, from 1/1/2013 to 12/31/2013, as reported by PingdomWe believe that is awesome service, and here is more ...

RE:'s current monthly uptime with HostGator can be accessed at .  We have our website checked, for free, every 60 minutes, 24/7/365, utilizing FreeSiteStatus.  We are automatically notified by email if our website goes down.  RE: wants to know if HostGator is providing us with great uptime service.

Soo, here are the facts.  First.  Our current uptime is significantly above Pingdom's past reported averages.  Second.  Our past downtime reports from Pingdom were for just 5 minutes at a time.  In reality, these reports could have just been connection glitches or very short, just seconds in duration, downtimes -- not 5 minutes, because Pingdom reported our every outage, as 5 minutes at a minimum.  If we had paid for more frequent checks, and had our website checked every 5 seconds, or even every 1 minute, we actually believe that HostGator would be providing us with very close to 99.9 % uptime.

Given Pingdom's reported average, we believe that most web hosts aren't living up to their 99.9 % guarantees.  RE: believes that our stats prove that HostGator is providing what they say they will.

6.    Wind Powered !!

Green Web Hosting by HostGator  HostGator is green, powered 130% by the lonely Texas wind !  Read all about it.  And this from the US Department of Energy.


RE:'s Conclusion

We believe that HostGator is the best of the best in providing web hosting services.  RE: recommends them highly !

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