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Business Presence

A corporate image refers to how a corporation is perceived.  It is a generally accepted image of what a company stands for.  Marketing experts who use public relations and other forms of promotion to suggest a mental picture to the public.  Typically, a corporate image is designed to be appealing to the public, so that the company can spark an interest among consumers, create share of mind, generate brand equity, and thus facilitate product sales.

A corporation's image is not solely created by the company.  Other contributors to a company's image could include news media, journalists, labor unions, environmental organizations, and other NGOs.

Corporations are not the only form of organization that create these types of images.  Governments, charitable organizations, criminal organizations, religious organizations, political organizations, and educational organizations all tend to have a unique image, an image that is partially deliberate and partially accidental, partially self-created and partially exogenous.     -- Wikipedia

What do you honestly think of your current business presence within the community that you are attempting to serve ?  Or better yet, what is an honest evaluation of how your business is perceived by the public ?

What is the inventory of items that make up your current business presence ?

How could you better move your business presence forward ?

Can you possibly add more items into your current business presence and move it forward ?

Here is a laundry list of items that could make up your business presence ...

Logos     Websites     Business Cards     Signage     Letterhead     Stationary     Forms     Invoices     Favicons     Advertising     Banners     Brochures     Flyers     Emails     Memos     Notes     Slogans     Certificates     Awards     Campaigns     Philanthropy     Marketing Materials     Videos     Commercials

What are you missing ?  Can it's addition move your business presence forward ?

These are questions that every business should ask themselves and honestly assess.

Corporate Image

Alan Bagg, President/CEO of Corporate Images, Inc., wrote the following ....

A corporate image is the sum of the impressions that stakeholders (like customers, vendors, employees and the public) hold about your company—in other words, your reputation.  The ideal corporate image should be managed to become "congruent."  When your corporate image is congruent, "what they see is what you are."  This is the most authentic position a company can hold.  The sum of all impressions we call corporate image is also called a company’s "brand equity," created by the process of branding.  The result—a more loyal customer base, a more productive work force and more profitability.

Let’s dig deeper into the words "congruent corporate image."  Obviously we are talking about a corporate image, not a personal one.  Like a personal image, you can enhance it but only so much.  There has to be some real substance behind the image.  Basic character will show through no matter how you massage the surface.  By that I mean people will eventually see the truth.  Either you showcase it or try to hide it, but eventually your audience will discover what lies behind the exterior image.

That’s where congruence comes in.  The goal is to show what you are as a company throughout all its facets (not pretend to be something you aren’t -- as in putting a phony "spin" on your company).

What is your corporate image ? Are you an angel or devil, as preceived by your marketplace ?  Or even worse, maybe your community doesn't even know your company or maybe care about it -- one way or the other ?

What would your entity need to do, to change these cases ?

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